VDS Conference Ai Confini della Speranza – 24th November 2016

The FIRST VDS Conference, entitled “Ai Confini della Speranza”, theme: Migration.

Venue: Palazzo Moro, Ca’ Foscari, Venezia.



SYA Project – 22nd November 2016

On the 22nd of November 2016 some members of the VDS Staff took part in a presentation made by some American High School Students of the SYA Project (School Year Abroad:
Professor Sara De Vido of Ca’ Foscari University and Professor Daniele Gatti of the SYA Organization asked to VDS Members to tutor these students in a three weeks programme where they had to analyse some difficult themes. As a final step they presented their work in front of Ca’ Foscari students.
The subjects were:
Violence and sexual assaults on women
Women and media
LGBT and civil union
Women and politics
Women in Sport
The Use of Sexuality to Oppress/Control Women
It was a wonderful experience for all the people involved in the project and we are looking for another possibility to work together with them to #LearnHowToMakeTheDifference!

Press Conference Simulation Operazione Ex-Sagittario – 14th November 2016

On Monday 14th of November 2016 the VDS was invited to take part in an interesting Press Model Game organized by the “Istituto di Studi Militari e Marittimi” of the Venetian Italian Navy.

This Model, which is part of the Master Programme of Studi Strategici e Sicurezza Internazionale, in collaboration with the Marina Militare di Venezia, consisted in a press conference simulation. Every actor represented a reporter from an important newspaper which was for, against or neutral to a possible military scenario called a�?Operazione Ex-Sagittarioa�?.

Our colleagues asked questions to the military staff about this particular peace-keeping operation, trying to find any possible leak on the plan and to capture the more information they could about it.

Furthermore, the VDS staff had the task to explain to the Navy Staff, and to the real journalists that were present, the role the United Nations plays in the International scenario, as well as some rudiments of International Law.

We would like to thank the Marina Militare di Venezia and Professor Matteo Legrenzi for giving us the opportunity to participate to this amazing and inspiring event.

Career Day – November 2016

On the 10th November 2016 the VDS was invited for the second time to the 10th Carrer Day of the Ca’ Foscari University.

Montebelluna Event Orizzonti dell’AttualitA�: Iran Oggi – October 2016

On the 29th of OctoberA�2016, the VDS held its second event in Montebelluna thanks to its collaboration with Levi Alumni Association and UTEM Montebelluna Association.

Theme: Iran

Members’ Meeting and Board ElectionA�- OctoberA�2016

On the 1stA�of OctoberA�2016, in the Economic Campus of San Giobbe in Venice the VDS hold the first Members’ Meeting and the Election of the New Board.

Le Mille e Una Voci del Conflitto Siriano – September 2016

On the 24th of September 2016, the VDS was invited to Montebelluna to give a speach on the Syrian Crisis, personifying from a personal point of view the reasons behind the actions of each single actor who take part into the conflict.

Venice Universities Model United Nations – 1st Edition May 2016A�

From the 6th to the 8th of May 2016, the Venice Diplomatic Society organized the first Model United Nations in Venice, in partnership with Ca’ Foscari University, the Venice International University and the Europe Direct.

Venue: VIU Campus in San Servolo Island.

Main Theme: The Syrian Crisis.

MUN Workshops – April 2016

After the first series of workshops, the VDS together with the Placement Office and the Ca’ Foscari University organized another 4 days workshops in April, where we explained also the VeUMUN rules of procedures.


Venue: Aula Berengo, Ca’ Foscari University.

Business Trip for the VDS – Liceo Levi, in Montebelluna March 2016

The VDS talked to the students of the High School of Montebelluna about the actual Syrian crisis.

RomeMUN 2016 – March 2016

Some of our actual members were selected by Ca’ Foscari University to participate to the RomeMUN 2016.

Open Days S. Giobbe – A�March 2016

On March 2016 for the first time the VDS was invited by the Ca’ Foscari Placement Office at theA�Open Day.

Venue: Campus Economico, San Giobbe.

MUN Workshops – November/DecemberA�2015

The VDS, in partnership with Ca’ Foscari Placemente Office, organized a four days workshop dedicated to the MUN World and to the Festival delle Carriere Internazionali 2015.

Cocoa Slaves -A�October 2015

26 October 2015

Presentation of the Docu-Film “The Dark Side of Chocolate” (USA, 2010, ’46).

Professor Giorgio Conti invited the VDS to make a presentation at the end of the conference on child labour.

Career Day – October 2015

15 October 2015

The team of the VDS was invited to the Career Day 2015 by the Ca’ Foscari University Placement Office in order to present to the students their growing association.

Event “Dopo la Laurea” – October 2015

9 October 2015

The VDS was invited to the University of Verona to promoteA�the realm of the Model United Nations.

Venue: University of Verona.

Approval of the VDS Charter and Formal Foundation of the Association – June 2015

On 19th of June 2015 the Founding Members had a meeting were they approved the official Charter of the VDS.

At the end of the day they signed the formal creation of the VDS.

Colazione daA�Venice Diplomatic Society – May 2015

The 1st social event of the VDS to promote its idea.

Venue: The Venice Eat in Ca’ Foscari University.

HarvardMUN – February 2015

Harvard Model United Nations 2015

The 4th Ca’ Foscari Delegation participated at the 61st edition of the HNMUN in Boston (MA), representing the Democratic Republic of Armenia in different Committees of the UN General Assembly.